Our history

DMLeetherapy is a leading trauma clinic in Romania, with a rich history of serving patients. Opening its doors in 2005, it has become an oasis for those seeking high quality treatment and care. The clinic is famous for its innovative methods of treating injuries and technological advances. DMLeetherapy specialists are dedicated not only to restoring physical health, but also to providing psychological support. Over the years, the clinic has developed its methods, becoming a center where modern medicine meets warmth and attention. The clinic conducts scientific research, which ensures continuous improvement of treatment methods. An atmosphere of trust has been created here, where every patient feels confident in the future, thanks to doctors committed to professionalism and concern for everyone’s health. DMLeetherapy is not just a clinic, but a place where healing becomes a reliable companion on the path to a fulfilling life.



Consultations and diagnostics

Team surgeon at work in operating room.



Injury prevention


Robotic Surgery

Using innovative robotic surgeons, we accurately perform complex surgeries while minimizing risk and speeding recovery.


Our patients can receive consultations and monitor their treatment without leaving home, thanks to modern telemedicine .

Virtual Rehabilitation

Patients receive personalized virtual rehabilitation programs that help them recover in a comfortable environment.

Our specialists

Prof. Victor Yaku

A leading traumatologist with a focus on innovative methods of bone restoration, raising the standards of treatment to a new level.

Dr. Ioana Stefanescu
An expert in rehabilitation and physical therapy, her caring approach helps patients quickly return to active life.
Dr. Mihai Andone

A specialist in the treatment of sports injuries, his enthusiasm and knowledge make him an invaluable asset to our clinic.


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